Monday – Friday | 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Architectural & Design Review

Do you have exterior projects for your home?  Submit your application ASAP!

Step 1. Complete the PRE-REQs for your project.

Step 2. Email your PRE-REQs to

Step 3. You will receive confirmation after all PRE-REQs are received.

Step 4. Your application will be sent to the HOA for approval and you should hear back in 5-7 business days.

Enforcement Notices

We drive-thru our neighborhoods on a regular basis to ensure that your neighborhoods look kept, and maintained.  If you have observed a possible violation, the please complete the VIOLATION FORM

Did you get a notice or a voicemail?  Call or email to tell us when the notice will be cured or offer us a timeline to cure.

We’re mainly looking for the following:

1. LANDSCAPE ought to be mowed recently, edged, watered and treated for weeds. 

2. GARBAGE & RECYCLING CANS.  Store them out of sight from the road.

3. PARKING. Park vehicles in designated parking areas.

4. UNAPPROVED EXTERIOR CHANGES. Please use the appropriate review process to make exterior changes to your home and landscape. 


HOA dues payment options: 

1. Cut a check made payable to your association, then mail, or deliver the check to our office.

2. Setup bill pay by contacting your bank

3. ACH payments can be scheduled if your HOA is setup for ACH transfers.


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