1. Complete the rental application for each person on the lease:
  1. Provide a copy of a driver’s license for responsible party on the lease.
  2. Provide the last two months of pay verification (bank statements or pay stubs)
  3. Provide a check for $45 dollars.
    • This check is used to complete your personal background report.  The check will be returned to you if you no longer wish to continue the application process after viewing the home.
  4. View the property.
    • In the order that applications have been received, we will schedule a time for you to view the rental property.  After you view the home, we will ask you if you would like us to complete your background check, otherwise your check will be returned to you.
  5. Lease Agreement.
    • Once we have received the background report, management will review your application in its entirety and will present a lease agreement if you have been approved.

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