5 Interior Designing Tips

So, you’re all moved in to your new great place in Central Oregon, and you want it to feel like home with your personal touch. I found 5 great ways to customize your high desert pad:

1. Dig up an unused piece of gear (ie skis, snowshoes, old fishing rod, etc.) or favorite collection, and display it in the smaller unused sections of your living space. Kyle Schuneman says it makes your space look lived in and homier. You can check out his book and website at http://www.kyleschuneman.com/#/The%20Book/.

2. I am guilty of hanging artwork at the wrong height. Houzz.com suggests hanging the center of your piece 57 to 60 inches high. Even with high ceilings it’s important to keep visual displays to human height.

3. Have you ever stayed in a rental with an electrical panel as an eye sore? Forage your picture collections for a favorite landscape picture, blow it up, frame it and hang it over any flaws in your rental. You can also search through Bend area thrift shops (http://www.visitbend.com/Bend_Oregon_Activities_Recreation/Shopping-Stores-Shops/Thrift-Consignment-Stores/), on Craigslist for large local pieces that could be used as display items.

4. Living rooms don’t always need a sofa. Sofas can be expensive, and let’s FACE IT, furnishing with nice chairs allows for people to orient themselves to the rest of the group.

5. A counter-top is essential in any living space to place drinks, reading materials, or even to write things down. Inspired by HouseBeautiful.com, space can saved by topping an ottoman with a nice, large tray and serves the dual purpose of comfort and practicality. So, clear the tray when you’re finished entertaining guests and prop your feet up when you’re ready to enjoy your movie!