Winterization Tips

By Julien Cayton

Summer has come and gone. Bring on winter with all it’s unpredictability! Here are some tips to help you safeguard your home against whatever winter can throw at us.

Vents & Hose Bibs:

  1. Disconnect hoses from exterior faucets, then cover faucets to protect from freezing.
  2. Install insulation blocks in crawlspace vents.  This helps prevent pipes from freezing.
  3. Clear irrigation lines of water.


  1. Change out furnace filters and consider having a professional inspect your heating system.
  2. Chimney flu should be cleaned out.
  3. If you will be burning wood, ensure that you have fire safe and dry areas to store wood.  Check your HOA documents for any community regulations on wood storage.
  4. Inspect or install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Doors & Windows

  1. Check doors and windows for cold drafts.  Seal drafts with caulking, or all-weather sealing strips.
  2. Replace broken glass.
  3. Inspect window and door trims for touch-up paint.

Roofs & Gutters

  1. Clear roofs, and gutters of needles and moss that can impede water from evacuating your roof.
  2. Take time to understand your roof plan and where snow and ice will likely accumulate.  Create a plan early to deal with potential ice dams, snow build up and leaks.
  3. If possible, install heat tape in known locations where ice dams are likely to form.  Heat tape is typically installed before ice forms.

Roads & Storm Drains

  1. Ensure all drainage areas (storm drains, dry wells, dry swales, and French drains) are clear of debris that would prevent proper drainage and water permeating the ground.
  2. Start planning for snow removal.  Where will you pile snow?  Where can you park your car safely off the street?

Some of The Best Dining Places In Bend, Oregon

You’ve just moved to Bend and don’t know the dining places or restaurants? Worry not! As Bend has some of the finest dining places in the Northwest. The diversity in the cuisine and the expert chefs in the area offer you foods that will satisfy your taste buds .

The lines below give some of the finest dining places and restaurants in Bend, Oregon that can curb your hunger and give you the taste the like of which you might not have experienced before.

Old Mill District:         


The hub of dining and restaurants is in the Old Mill District of Bend, Oregon. All sorts of cuisines are offered by the various restaurants and food outlets of Old Mill District. In this hub of restaurants, there is something for everyone. There are restaurants that offer simple and healthy foods, some offer perfect environment for date night while there are others that allow you quality family time. Therefore, whether you are a bachelor, a couple or a happy family, in Old Mill District you can find the place of your liking. What are the restaurants and what do they serve? Make a quick list.

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Pronghorn Chanterelle:


If you are looking for a culinary experience that is refined and rustic at the same time, then the best place to go in Bend is Pronghorn Chanterelle. The Chanterelle offers an environment that is equally enjoyable for a dinner for two or for occasional celebrations with family and friends. As far as the culinary experience is concerned, the cuisines offered by the Chanterelle take your palate to a sensual ride.

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900 Wall Restaurant:


900 Wall restaurant is renowned for its contemporary continental food. They offer French, Italian and American cuisine with seasonal inspiration. The other thing for which the restaurant is known is the wine program where you have the option of selecting from 200 wines collected from countries all over the world. Therefore, a combination of continental cuisine, an elegant ambiance and a wide selection of wine is what will provide the dining experience you crave and wish.

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Next Level Burger:


Next Level Burger really takes the concept of burger to the next level with its 100% organic and non-GMO Plant based burgers. The food outlet is committed towards offering the renowned junk food in the healthiest form possible. So, if you are a lover of organic food, yet you have a knack for fast food, then Next Level Burger is the place you need to visit.

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Brasada Ranch:


Another great place for fresh and healthy food lovers in Bend, Oregon is Brasada Ranch. The expertise of Executive Chef and the freshness of organic ingredients provide a healthy eating experience to the food lovers on daily basis. In Barsada Ranch you can have a luxury culinary experience that exceeds all the expectations that you have from organic food.

How many of the above restaurants have you tried in Bend? What kind of experience did you have? Would you recommend any of the above or any other restaurant that you have tried? We would love to hear your recommendations.

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Summer Sporting Events Coming to Bend 2015

If you love sports and are new to Bend, Oregon, then you don’t need to think twice. Bend is a renowned playground for all sorts of sporting events in the West.

Below you will find a sporting event lineup that will keep you moving throughout the summer in Central Oregon:

Elks Memorial Baseball Tournament:


When: 23-25 May, 2015

The Bend Metro Part and Recreation District in collaboration with Bend-area high schools and Bend Elks Baseball Club offer the three-day tournament held on a decided weekend of May every year. It is a must go event for all the baseball lovers and is renowned all over Oregon.

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Bend Beer Chase:


When: 6 June, 2015

Although not a conventional sport, yet the one day Beer Chase event in Bend is no less than a sporting event. On 6th of June, the second annual Bend Beer Chase relay will take place where you can relay with your friends and enjoy the finest of breweries of Central Oregon. So, have fun and go to Beer Chase this year.

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Oregon Senior Games:


When: 17-21 June, 2015

For the seniors of Oregon, Humana presents Oregon Senior Games. If you are above 50 then you are eligible to participate in these games and bring out the athlete in you. The games with all their challenge and fun can be a good Bend vacation you’ve been planning for long.

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Pacific Crest Triathlon:


When: 26-28 June, 2015

The Pacific Crest Weekend Sport Festival takes place every year in June. Athletes along with their friends and families join the event and it is this mass participation that has made this event a jewel in the crown of sporting events of Northwest. If you wish to test your athleticism among athletes from all over the country and globe, then you surely need to register for this triathlon.

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Cascadia Cycling Classic (CCC):


When: 22-26 July, 2015

Cyclist from all over the country in general and Northwest in particular come to participate in the magnificent CCC held in Oregon. The event because of Oregon’s beauty, the elegance of the race course, and atmosphere is renowned all over the country.

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Oregon Lacrosse Classic:

Oregon freshman Rachel Steinberg(24) scores a goal late in the second half. The Oregon Ducks play the Stanford Cardinal at Papé Field in Eugene, Ore., on Friday, April 11, 2014. (Andrew Seng/Emerald)

When: 24-26 July, 2015

The Oregon Lacrosse Classic event is held on the edge of Deschutes River and Cascade Range.  You are drawing a weak link between the location of the Lacrosse tournament and the sport. It would make more sense to talk about the age range allowed to play at the tournament, or the actual location of the field, and then nearby attractions (within a few kilometers)

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Cascade Lakes Relay:


When: 31 July – 1 August, 2015

CLR is a walking and running event that serves as a means of enjoying the beautiful and intimate surroundings of Oregon. The event features the old and new terrains of Oregon allowing the participants to see the beauty of the region in addition to enjoying a healthy event.

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FC Timbers Bend Premier Cup:


When: 7-9 August, 2015

Bend with its sunny weather almost throughout the year provides the best fields required for a soccer tournament. This tournament is renowned all over the Northwest, and its popularity is increasing with every passing year and what? Why should I go to this?.

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Halloween Cross Crusade:

The run-up slowed things down on an otherwise fast course. © Pat Malach
The run-up slowed things down on an otherwise fast course. © Pat Malach

When: 31 October – 1 November, 2015

The Halloween Cross Crusade will take place in Old Mill District at the Deschutes Brewery. Over 1,000 costumed individuals will participate in the race with the objective of gathering as much Cross Crusade points as possible.

Have you registered for any event? Have you participated in any sports event in Bend? If yes, then we would love to hear your experience. Make sure there is some way for them to actually comment.

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CASA – An Integral Component For A Bright Future For Our Children

The well-being and prosperity of a society in general and a community in particular is dependent upon both collective as well as individual efforts. The collective effort is usually considered the responsibility of the government, while individual efforts come from volunteers who become a part of the collective offer and play their part in making the society better.

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) is an association in USA that with the help of efforts by Government and individual volunteers works to better the plight of neglected and abused children by finding them safe and permanent homes. In this regard, the Government works on training Special Advocates who become active in the society to make sure that children find safe homes for a long time instead of moving from one foster home to another.

How Did It All Begin?

It all began in 1977 when David Soukup – Seattle Superior Court Judge faced the issue of relying on only the information of State Child Protective Services for passing judgement on neglected or abused child cases. Soukup came up with the idea that volunteers should come up and speak for the matters concerning children’s interests. Fifty volunteers responded to his idea, which served as a trigger for a movement that crossed Seattle and spread throughout the country, making sure that children were no more neglected or abused.

Objectives of CASA!

Although the holistic objective of CASA is to ensure general wellbeing and abuse-free environment for children, however, the association has set some strategic objectives as well that assist in providing specific directions to the association and make sure that every Advocate is aware of the vision that the Association carries. The prime objectives of CASA are as under:

  • The first strategic objective of CASA is to make sure that every court throughout United States of America acknowledges the pivotal importance of CASA volunteers as a means of better outcomes for children. It implies that the volunteer CASA advocates with their conduct and efficiency have to establish a repute with courts throughout the country to an extent where courts realize their importance pertinent to a better future for children.
  • Secondly, the volunteers in CASA should be representative of the cultural diversity of the children in the country. It means that the volunteers of CASA should be as various and as diverse as are the children in a particular state or throughout the country.
  • Thirdly, to make sure that every potential donor is aware of the importance of CASA advocates and the knowledge and agreeableness of the CASA advocates is on the priority list of the donors.
  • Fourthly, all the government officials, whether they are on local, federal or state level should understand the benefit that CASA advocates provide pertaining to children safety and a healthy environment for their future.

Stats So Far..!

Since 1977, CASA has spread all over United States and has become an integral part of the childcare system. According to CASA, at present there are over 77,000 advocates of CASA serving in over 933 local offices throughout the country. The volunteers have made it possible for CASA to assist 233,000 cases since its establishment. As far as the funding is concerned, the National CASA agency receives grant from Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and from partner organizations such as Jewelers for Children. The National agency then passes the grant to the states who then pass it on to the local areas.

CASA is an integral part of childcare system as its assists in forming the foundation for a better future for our country. There are CASA advocates all around who are just there to assist children as well as parents. If you are in search of any in Oregon or want to become a volunteer, you can easily contact CASA and become a contributor to a better future for our children.

5 Interior Designing Tips

So, you’re all moved in to your new great place in Central Oregon, and you want it to feel like home with your personal touch. I found 5 great ways to customize your high desert pad:

1. Dig up an unused piece of gear (ie skis, snowshoes, old fishing rod, etc.) or favorite collection, and display it in the smaller unused sections of your living space. Kyle Schuneman says it makes your space look lived in and homier. You can check out his book and website at

2. I am guilty of hanging artwork at the wrong height. suggests hanging the center of your piece 57 to 60 inches high. Even with high ceilings it’s important to keep visual displays to human height.

3. Have you ever stayed in a rental with an electrical panel as an eye sore? Forage your picture collections for a favorite landscape picture, blow it up, frame it and hang it over any flaws in your rental. You can also search through Bend area thrift shops (, on Craigslist for large local pieces that could be used as display items.

4. Living rooms don’t always need a sofa. Sofas can be expensive, and let’s FACE IT, furnishing with nice chairs allows for people to orient themselves to the rest of the group.

5. A counter-top is essential in any living space to place drinks, reading materials, or even to write things down. Inspired by, space can saved by topping an ottoman with a nice, large tray and serves the dual purpose of comfort and practicality. So, clear the tray when you’re finished entertaining guests and prop your feet up when you’re ready to enjoy your movie!